Hello world!

Well, this is a test.  I’m way late on the blogging scene, but since i’ve spent my entire life a day late and at least a few dollars short, this is practically “on time” for me!  Things that i might end up blogging about are: kids, marriage, photography, home decor (or my lack thereof), savings, coupons, special needs kids, AD/HD in both kids and adults, mental retardation, adoption, Jesus, church and (just so I don’t miss anything) life.  Yeah, that about covers it–which makes me pretty much like all the other “Mommy” blogs out there!  Anyone please feel free to let me know if I left anything of interest out, and I’ll be sure to try to read up on it someday so I can blog about it in maybe a decade or so.  Thank you for your time, and that’s all for now!